Different Types of Boilers to Install

Did you know that as of 2004, all new boilers that are sold in the UK are manufactured as condensing boilers. If you're wondering what that means, then simply put, steam that would usually be wasted is condensed and reused in the heating process. This process means that your boiler functions more efficiently and reduces the amount of energy that is wasted on heating your home.
To jump right into this blog post; here's three different types of condensing boiler that you can install so you can understand which one best suits you and your home. 

Conventional Boilers 

Have you got two or more bathrooms in your home? Or an otherwise high demand for hot water? Conventional boilers are great for homes with high hot water demands because with two separate water tanks and a water storage cylinder, they have a storage capacity to suit. They're also great for when there's a need for running hot water at the same time. 

Having said that, conventional boilers are perhaps best not suited to small-ish homes because the storage tanks and water cylinder require loft/storage space to be held. In addition to this, once your water cylinder empties, you have to wait for it to refill and heat up before you can have any more hot water, which can be a pain if you're in a rush! 

System Boilers

System boilers are similar to conventional boilers, except there is no need for the two separate storage tanks, meaning they are a solid compromise between installing a conventional boiler and a combination boiler. As they do not take up any loft space, system boilers are great for a wide range of homes; as appose to conventional boilers that require a lot of space. More often than not, the cylinders are located in an upstairs cupboard but can be fitted wherever there is extra space. 

Again, similar to the above, whilst system boilers can meet a high demand for hot water, the hot water can run out and if that happens, it's a case of waiting around for it to warm up again. 

Combination Boilers

Combination boilers are gaining a lot of popularity in the United Kingdom as they require the least amount of space as opposed to the boiler types above and are great for smaller properties. Working directly from the mains, they do not require any cylinders or tanks and they are able to produce hot water whenever needed, making them hugely economical. 

The one negative point worth noting however is that they do struggle to produce a high demand for hot water, which makes them great for smaller families and homes with just one bathroom.

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