How long does a boiler installation take?

Average time to fit a new boiler

It typically takes 1-3 days for a qualified and experienced heating engineer to install a new boiler. It can take longer if you are looking to place your new boiler in a different location, change the type of boiler you have or if there is additional pipework involved. 

how long does it take to fit a boiler?

How long does installing a combi boiler take? 

4-6 Hours 

Not only is a combi boiler easy to install, but it is also the quickest installation an installer can do. It roughly takes around a day to install, considering you are simply replacing your existing combi boiler with a brand new one.  

Our heating engineers will remove your existing boiler and replace it with a brand new one. They will also tidy and clean the surrounding area and perform necessary tests to ensure your boiler is working safely. 

How long Does it take to replace a system/regular boiler with a combi Boiler? 

Up to two days 

If you have a conventional or system boiler and want to change to a combi boiler, it can take longer when compared to a like-for-like swap. This is because the process involves removing additional tanks, and because access to the heating system is required, there may be a chance of lifting or getting through the walls to get to the required pipes. 

How long does it take to relocate a boiler? 

Half a day 

Relocating a boiler involves extra work. This includes repiping and adding a new flue. Because of this, it can rough take half a day to get your older boiler completely removed and the new one installed in its new location. It is important to remember the further to choose to place your boiler, the longer the process becomes. 

how long does it take to install a boiler?

Other factors that affect how long a boiler installation takes

Does not meet Gas Safety regulations

Every year,  people die in England and Wales as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. As a consequence, the government established the Gas Safe Regulations, which are in place to avoid errors that may result in death. The 22mm gas supply pipe rule was one of the laws that went into effect. Gas supply pipes were formerly required to be at least 15mm in diameter. However, this has subsequently been increased to 22mm. 

Despite the fact that it is a legal requirement, many people are not aware of it, therefore, those with boilers older than 15 years will most likely have non-regulation pipes. If any heating engineers come across 15mm pipes when installing a new boiler, they are legally required to replace them with 22mm pipes, adding extra time to the overall installation.

Smart thermostat installation

A smart thermostat offers several advantages, including regulating your heating from anywhere and saving money on your energy costs. While it does not take long, it does add some time to the installation.

Ask a Gas Safe registered engineer

The best way to find out exactly how long it will take to fit a boiler in your home is by speaking to a heating engineer. This will allow you to go through exactly what you are looking for and give the heating engineer an insight on your central heating system. 

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