3 Reasons Why Your Boiler Is On When The Timer Is Off

Over time, boilers start to develop various issues, one of the issues it could experience includes having the boiler running even though you have set the timer to be switched off. There are many reasons why this is happening and we go through them in this blog!

boiler timer issues

Why is my boiler on when the timer is turned off?

If you find that your boiler continues to run after the timer has been turned off, then you will need to check your heating system for any issues. Do not worry because this is a lot more common than you think and we have listed a few causes of this. 

1. Check the programmer

A boiler timer will activate your heating system at a predetermined time each day. A programmer, similar to a timer, offers more features and helps you run your boiler more efficiently. 

When the programmer is turned off, the boiler may continue to run. One of the causes could be that the programmer is not working properly. This is something that can be easily fixed by simply turning your boiler off for a few seconds and then turning it back on. 

2. Valve Issues

Boilers consist of many valves, including motorised valves, water valves and check valves. Each valve has a different role, for example, the boiler and pump are controlled by microswitches in the motorised valves. The microswitch is activated when the valve is opened and causes the boiler to start up.  There are times when the valves close, it causes the boiler to still turn on, when this happens, it is better to speak to a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer to help fix the issue. 

3. Are there any issues with the wiring?

One of the reasons the heating may come on when the timer is switched off is due to wiring issues. We suggest turning off the power to the boiler to see if this is the case. Please be aware that testing the wiring in your home can be dangerous so proceed with caution or contact a certified expert to do it for you.

Speak with a qualified engineer 

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