A beginner's guide to smart heating controls [2022]

Smart heating is a critical component in making your house more intelligent when it comes to heating your home. A process that appears complex and complicated on the surface, but with our smart heating beginners guide, we hope you'll be an expert in no time!

What you need to know about Smart Heating

What is smart heating?

When you choose to upgrade your home heating system to a smart system, you gain complete control over all aspects of your heating. Smart heating is more than just having a basic thermostat installed; it's a full system that includes smart radiator thermostats as well as clever software that learns your home's routine. There are some systems that also include sensors to detect draft and humidity to prevent any energy from being wasted. 

How do I get started?

To begin, double-check that your boiler is compatible with a smart thermostat. Once you've confirmed this, you'll need to buy a smart thermostat and smart radiator valves, as well as have an internet connection. Once you have all these into place, you'll be all set to install your new system!

We highly recommend getting a qualified heating engineer to help install your new smart thermostat so you do not face any issues setting it up. 

5 Reasons Everyone Loves Smart Heating

- Remote control; so you can turn it off and on whenever and wherever you want

- Easy to use; it is a lot simple to use from a single app

- Save energy bills

- Works very well with your boiler

- Additional features available; such as multi-zone heating, location sensing and energy reports

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