Benefits for replacing your old boiler

It can often be overwhelming thinking about getting your boiler replaced, especially when thinking about the cost for it, you can be assured that there plenty of benefits that come along with upgrading to a new boiler. 

Improved boiler efficiency 

If you have had the same boiler for many years, you may already know that older the boiler, the less efficient it becomes. This can lead to getting your property not getting heated properly therefore replacing your boiler with a brand new boiler, allows your home to heat up properly. 

Save money 

As older boiler are not energy efficient, it can lead to sudden increase in your energy bills. You can be assured that with new boilers being energy efficient, it can help decrease your energy bills. 

Improved heating controls 

With a new boiler comes a new smart heating control system, allowing you to be able to take full control over your heating. Here at Castle Heating Kent, we can help install a range of heating control systems, find out more by heading over to our smart heating controls page

Smaller in size

Tired of constantly being able to see your boiler? Well did you know that newer boiler come in a smaller size, meaning that you can have them hidden and wall mounted inside your kitchen cupboard.

Quieter boiler

New boilers are quieter boilers, mainly due to their improved design and better use of materials, making a massive difference especially if your currently boiler is situated on the other side of the bedroom wall. 

Did you know that here at Castle Heating Kent, we can help replace your old boiler and install it with a new one? We offer a range of boiler replacement services throughout Snodland the surrounding areas, including Maidstone, Rochester, West Malling, Gravesend and Aylesford. Visit our boiler installation page to find out more. 

If you are unsure on what it costs to get a new boiler, get a free quote here or call us on 01634 247525 or 07763 236640 and we will be happy to help.