Benefits Of Installing A Smart Thermostat

Unsure of installing a smart thermostat in your home? Castle Heating Kent has made it easy by listing a few advantages that come along with getting smart heating controls installed in your home. Find out more by carrying on reading through the blog or call the company on 01634 247525 or 07763 236640.

With the rise of technology being built into our homes, smart thermostats are the way forward. So make your home more comfortable and easier for you and your family by installing a smart heating control. Here are a few reasons why you should install a smart thermostat today. 

smart thermostats advantages

What are the advantages of smart thermostats?

Take full control 

Whether you are at work, coming home early or away on vacation, you can access the settings for your smart thermostat with a single touch of a button.  If you choose to install a Nest thermostat, they come along with their own app, allowing you to turn your heating on/off, change the temperature and even change your temperature schedule wherever you are and whenever you want. 

Get alerts

Many thermostats, including Nest, support email alerts. So if there is a sudden increase or drop in the temperature in your home, you will get notified right away. 

Save energy 

Smart thermostats are known to learn your preferences and adapt accordingly, ensuring no heating is wasted, especially if you are not at home, helping you have energy. 

Easy to use

People often get put off installing smart heating controls because of the apps that come along with them. However, did you know that the app is actually designed to make it easier for everyone to use? Now that you do, get in touch with Castle Heating Kent today!

Track your energy 

Being able to track your energy usage allows you to view how your energy has changed over time so you can make certain adjustments to help decrease the costs of your energy bills. Nest thermostats are great because they create a monthly report that tells you how much energy you have used and compare it with the previous month. 

nest thermostats

Vacation mode

Going away for a while and do not want to disturb your current heating settings? Then simply set your smart thermostat to vacation mode.

Easy to install

Installing a smart thermostat is very easy. Castle Heating Kent can help install a range of smart heating controls, including Nest. If you would like to know more about the installation services offered, please visit our smart heating control page.

Ready to install a smart heating control?

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