Benefits of LPG boilers [NEW]

Approximately four million rural homes in the UK lack access to mains gas, so when it comes to heating and hot water, alternative energy sources are used for their boilers or other heat sources. An LPG boiler is the closest alternative to mains gas for use with a boiler.

LPG boilers have plenty of benefits and if you have not considered getting one before, we hope our list of advantages will help you make your decisions! Carry on reading to find out more...

LPG boiler advantages

Advantages of LPG Boilers

Once an LPG boiler is installed, you'll be able to take advantage of its many advantages, which include:

Cheaper than oil 

When compared to oil boilers, LPG boilers are a lot cheaper to buy, making them ideal if you are on a budget when it comes to replacing your boiler. 

Cleaner fuel

LPG boilers also consume less energy and emit fewer greenhouse gases. This is good news, as the government is searching for ways to encourage people to support this. LPG boilers emit about 20% less carbon, reducing your home's carbon footprint significantly.

High efficiency 

Newer and modern LPG condensing boilers are known to achieve an efficiency of 90% or greater, which implies that only 10p of every £1 spent on heating your home is wasted.

Compact sizes

LPG boilers are often smaller than oil-fired boilers, and therefore produce less noise, making them ideal for smaller sized properties.


In recent years, LPG boilers have had a significantly greater range than oil boilers. Especially with market leaders such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, and Baxi producing popular models. Some manufacturers even go on to produce LPG conversion kits that can be used to convert natural gas boilers to LPG versions.

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