Common mistakes people make with a new boiler

If you’ve not had your boiler installed yet, it's extremely important to go with a reliable and reputable boiler installation service. Any work suggested in this article should be completed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. 

For those that have had a brand new boiler installed, it’s easy to get complacent and neglect to do the necessary maintenance to give your boiler the best start in life. The good news is once you know, it’s easy to make the right decisions to prolong the life and health of your boiler.

Choosing the wrong heating engineer or boiler brand

The most important stage of getting a new boiler is choosing the right boiler installation company. Independent, reputable boiler installation services are the most recommended when it comes to accountability and care that it takes to build up a good reputation. Heating engineers can usually guide you through the process of replacing and refreshing your central heating. 

Another consideration is the brand and model of your boiler. There are many good choices when it comes to boiler brands and boiler installation companies can usually guide you to making the right choice. A warranty can be massive peace of mind and a sign of the longevity of the boiler model.

Neglecting to service your boiler

Annual servicing is a must when it comes to keeping your boiler alive from years to come. Service usually involves routine checks to make sure your boiler is running efficiently. The checks can often result in problems being caught early that, if left, could result in expensive repairs. 

All boilers will become less efficient over time. A service is the best way to keep your monthly bills low and extend the efficiency of your boiler. 

Not pencilling in a powerflush

Once you’ve chosen a Gas Safe Registered Engineer, settled on the brand and booked in your annual service there’s one more thing you can do to really push your boiler’s longevity and efficiency to the maximum. A powerflush is a complete clearing of the system getting rid of any build up of sludge and limescale. Whilst it’s not something you have to do straight away after you new boiler has been installed, its good to have rough date in mind for a full system powerflush.

Contact Castle Heating Kent for boiler installation

If you’re unsure about any of the above - ask a professional! An experienced heating engineer lives and breathes boilers and can offer the best advice and opinions to help you on your new boiler journey. 

Castle Heating Kent offer local, reliable boiler installations and are always on hand to advise clients on the process of boiler installation and maintenance. Over the years, we have built up a long list of happy customers and take pride in the positive reputation we have built up. Check out our reviews page to see what our customers have to say. 

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