Common mistakes people make with their smart thermostats

It has been found that over the years people are constantly making mistakes when using smart controls. In this blog, Castle Heating Kent discusses some of these mistakes and what you can do to prevent them. If you would like to speak to a gas engineer across Rochester, West Malling, Gravesend or Aylesford, simply call the main office on 01634 247525 or 07763 236640

nest thermostat

Are you making any of these mistakes?

Setting an incorrect temperature 

To feel the most comfortable in your home, setting the right temperature on your smart heating control system is very important. Many people often overheat their homes, causing energy to be wasted. A tip for this would be to turn on the heating system and set the radiator valve to a comfortable temperature and any other room in your home that are not being used, need to have their doors closed and the temperature should be set to the lowest level. 

Increasing the temperature on the thermostat to warm up a room quickly

Coming home to a cold house is never pleasant and you may think it is okay to increase the temperature on your thermostat. However, doing this will not help how quickly your home will warm up. In order to avoid this, you need to consider installing smart heating controls or a thermostat that can turn one when the temperature drops from the set level. 

Using a basic thermostat

People often prefer using basic thermostats which only have an on and off feature. Using smart thermostats, such as Nest or Honeywell, come along with greater energy efficiency and cost-saving features. For Nest installation services or any other smart heating controls that you would like to install in your home, Castle Heating Kent can help you. Find out more about smart control installation services here

Want to know more?

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