How much gas does a boiler use?

Energy prices across the UK have been rising, and many homeowners are looking for alternative methods to heat their homes. One of the most crucial factors is how much gas your boiler uses. Several factors determine how much gas your boiler consumes and what affects it. Find out what these are in this blog. 

how much gas does my boiler use

What is the average amount of gas my boiler should use? 

Providing an exact amount of gas your boiler should be using can be difficult as this is heavily dependent on the size of your boiler. A 24-kW boiler consumes 24 kW per hour. It is estimated that if you have your heating on for five hours every day, your daily usage is around 120kWh.

Calculate your gas use by looking at the kWh

The easiest way to determine how much gas your boiler uses is by looking into kWh, a unit of measurement. For low-usage households,  roughly 8000kWh per year is used, a moderate-usage household consumes 12,000kWh, and a heavy-usage household consumes 17,000kWh. 

A kWh is the amount of energy required to power a 1000-watt boiler for one hour. Gas is the most common type of fuel used in households to power boilers and other appliances. As a consequence, it is impossible to determine which appliance consumed the majority of the gas. 

Factors affecting your gas usage

Boiler Size

A boiler's gas consumption is determined by its size, efficiency, and the number of hours it runs each day. Boiler sizes are measured in kW. For example, a 24-27kW boiler is ideal for a smaller-sized home with 10 radiators. A 24-27 kW boiler is considered to be used in a medium-sized home, and a 35-42 kW boiler is necessary for a large house. As a result, the bigger your boiler and your heating needs, the more gas it will use.

Gas Leaks

If you've recently noticed an increase in your gas bill, it's possible that your boiler is using a lot more energy. When this happens, it is usually because the energy provider has increased its pricing or there is a leak or an issue with your boiler. If you notice a sudden increase, speak to a member of our team as your boiler could require a repair.

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