How to choose an eco-friendly boiler

There have been huge strides in the eco-friendly boiler sector and boiler manufacturers have made massive efforts in recent decades when it comes to designing more environmentally-friendly models. It has been the law in the UK since April 2015  that every new gas boiler installation must be a more eco-friendly and efficient condensing boiler. Take a look at key factors to think about when it comes to finding a more eco-friendly boiler by reading through this blog.

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eco-friendly boiler

Finding an Eco-Friendly Gas Boiler 

Since April 2015, every new boiler on the market is a condensing boiler, which will be A-rated on the scale created by the Energy-related Products Directive. This means that new boilers will run energy efficiency of between 92% and 94%, this is great for the environment as it means less energy wastage, so less impact on the environment and lower costs to run. 

How Do Condensing Boilers Heat Our Homes Efficiently? 

Unfortunately, condensing boilers still heat our homes and provide us with hot water by burning fuels just like non-condensing models. So it's vital that they are as efficient as possible. To achieve such impressive efficiency results condensing boilers recover heat from ‘waste’ gases that would otherwise be lost. The energy that condensing boilers recover from these gases can be used to keep the water that is in central heating systems warm as it returns to the boiler from the radiator. So the next time the boiler has to heat water it will require less energy to restart the process of reheating the water. 

Get a Boiler Endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust 

To give yourself extra peace of mind that your boiler offers a more eco-friendly central heating solution, look out for boilers that are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust. An endorsement by the energy saving trust is a sign that the boiler uses innovative green technologies to be more energy efficient so if you are conscious about how environmentally friendly a boiler is this is a good sign. Castle Heating Kent is happy to offer you advice and point out boilers that have been endorsed by the EST. 

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