What you need to consider when relocating your boiler

Where you place your boiler has become a lot more flexible due to the development of fanned flue boilers and no-compartment ventilation. As a result, it may be difficult to provide a clear answer to the question of "where is the ideal position to place my boiler?"  

Every boiler installation is unique. To choose the best location for your new boiler, there are a few factors to take into account and in this blog, we go through a few things to help you!

where to place a boiler

What factors do I need to think about when repositioning my boiler?

Your Budget

Boiler replacements are often combined with other home renovation projects like extensions or conversions. If you want your boiler moved, you should think about how simple and straightforward the task may be. Additionally, moving a boiler may result in higher boiler installation expenses and it should be discussed with the heating engineer you hire. 

The room you would like to place it in

The Kitchen

The kitchen cabinet is where many homeowners choose to place their new boiler. The majority of new boilers are designed to be small and can fit inside a cabinet. Due to their small design and no need for extra tanks or cylinders, many people often choose to place them inside the cupboard to keep them out of view. 

Utility Rooms

Your home's utility room can make a good place for your new boiler. The reason for this is that your boiler will be out of the way and less likely to obstruct your other rooms. One thing to keep in mind is that you must keep free space around your boiler to prevent damage to any of its cables or other components. It also needs to be accessible as you will need to get it annually serviced. Therefore, you may want to think about having your boiler put elsewhere if you use your utility room as storage.


Out of all the types of boilers available, combi boilers are often put inside a bathroom. There are a lot of rules that must be followed due to the risks associated with having electricity in this area. For example, to prevent it from coming into touch with any water, the boiler must be placed inside a cupboard. The electrical switches for the system must be installed outside the bathroom, and you finally need to make sure that the boiler cannot be reached from the bath or shower.


Placing the boiler inside the garage might provide significant interior space. However, there are a few things to take into account if you're considering putting your boiler in the garage. The first is protection against frost. Despite the fact that most contemporary boilers come with built-in frost protection, garages are often much colder than interior rooms, therefore you may want to lag your pipes to prevent a frozen condensate pipe. 

If your garage is detached, you'll need to consider the path your pipes will follow from the garage into the home (or this is something your installer would need to consider and discuss with you).

where to install a boiler

Make sure it is near the gas supply

Gas supply is undoubtedly a significant aspect that will influence the location of your boiler. The closer to the gas source, the better it is. Getting that supply up into a loft or someplace else on the second story might require a lot of wasted work and energy. The greatest option is to keep it as near to the bottom level as you can. 

There are many methods to respond to the question "where is the ideal boiler location in the home?" However, we advise discussing with a specialist at all times. It is better to ask them for assistance since they can evaluate all the above-mentioned factors and they will be able to recommend the ideal place.

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