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Castle Heating Kent is the industry-dominant heating specialist at your service. We are delivering our expendable central heating services across Kent and neighbouring regions, including Snodland, Maidstone, Rochester, West Malling, Gravesend, and Aylesford. 

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Our Heating Services in Kent 

Boiler Installation Kent

Boilers are central heating units that generate heat by heating and dispersing water across your home. They are essential for preserving a warm indoor atmosphere and keeping homeowners warm throughout the colder months. Boilers are a common option for homes in Kent because of their efficiency and dependability. At Castle Heating Kent, we are Gas Safe registered and, therefore fully trained and qualified to install a range of gas boilers. 

Professional boiler installation is crucial for ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and safety. Expert technicians possess the knowledge and skills required to install boilers correctly, following industry standards and regulations. Hiring a professional guarantees that the boiler is appropriately sized, installed, and connected to the existing heating system, providing seamless operation and longevity.

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Underfloor Heating in Kent

Heating systems that are comfortable and effective are highly desired in today's modern homes. Radiant floor heating, commonly referred to as underfloor heating, has become a well-liked option for households in Kent and beyond.

The type of system, the amount of the area to be heated, and the intricacy of the installation are some of the variables that affect how much it will cost to install underfloor heating in Kent. To evaluate costs and services, it is wise to get several estimates from reliable heating companies. Despite having a somewhat greater initial cost than conventional systems, underfloor heating can provide long-term energy savings and comfort benefits.

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5 Signs You Need a Heating Engineer

Is your house getting too cold and you're not getting enough heat? Perhaps it's time to hire a heating engineer. Five warning signs are listed below:

Uneven Heating

Your heating system might not be working properly if some rooms are warm while others are still chilly. A heating professional can identify and address the problem, guaranteeing even heating throughout your house.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises made by your heating system, such as pounding, hissing, or clanging, may be a sign of more serious issues. To stop additional harm, a heating engineer can find and fix these problems.

Increased Energy Bills

Your system could be operating inefficiently if your heating expenditures are skyrocketing for no apparent reason. Your system can be optimized by a heating engineer, resulting in lower energy use and financial savings.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your heating system keeps malfunctioning, there must be a problem. A heating professional can locate the underlying issues and offer fixes to stop further breakdowns.

Aging System

It might be time for an overhaul if your heating system is outmoded and old. A heating engineer can suggest contemporary, cost-effective solutions that can raise the comfort level of your house and result in long-term financial savings.

You should contact a heating engineer as soon as you observe any of these symptoms. No matter the temperature outside, they have the know-how to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Why choose us?

Verified and Skilled Heating Engineers In Kent

After operating as a heating engineer in Kent for 20 years, we are confident about undertaking all kinds of heating jobs. 

Whether you have bought a new home and require new boiler installation or your current boiler is giving you a hard time, our heating engineers are well acquainted with any central heating system complications you face. 

Castle Heating Kent includes a team of reliable, Verified heating engineers who strive to deliver excellent services to our prospective clients anytime they need us. Our keenness to achieve the utmost customer satisfaction has also helped us to build a trustworthy reputation throughout Kent. 

If you need boiler installation but don't know which boiler would be perfect for warming you in winter, hand over the task to our qualified boiler installers. Likewise, if your existing boiler is noisy and malfunctioning, get in touch with us, and our adept team will fix the problem in no time.

You can also get an idea about how much a new boiler will cost by using our new boiler estimate tool.

Get in touch with a professional heating engineer in Kent 

Whether it's boiler replacement or anything related to the central heating system that you demand, our experienced gas engineers at Castle Heating Kent ensure to take care of your property. 

Any mess after the job is completed isn’t left to you to clean up. We’ll take care of it and ensure that we minimize any disruptions to your household. We are also entirely certified so that you know you are dealing with the best in the industry. 

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