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We know that underfloor heating is a well-liked and effective method of heating houses, so it makes sense that so many homeowners are switching. At Castle Heating Kent, we have a long history of offering our customers professional underfloor heating services in the UK. 

Every area of your home will be comfortably warm throughout the colder months thanks to the even heat distribution that our underfloor heating systems are designed to give. To ensure that your system is built to survive and work well for years, we only utilise the best materials and parts.

Underfloor Heating Benefits 

Compared to conventional heating systems, underfloor heating has a number of benefits, including:

Improved Comfort

Hot and cold areas are eliminated since underfloor heating distributes heat evenly and consistently throughout your home. Furthermore, it eliminates the requirement for large radiators, freeing up valuable wall space.

Energy Efficiency

Because underfloor heating operates more efficiently with lower temperatures, it makes it slightly better than conventional heating systems. This implies that you can lower your carbon impact and save money on your energy expenses.

Better Air Quality 

The usage of air-circulating fans, which can spread dust and allergens throughout your home, is no longer necessary with underfloor heating. This may lead to better air quality, which is advantageous for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions.


Underfloor heating can be set up in a variety of locations, including newly constructed homes and renovated buildings. Also, it can be utilised with a range of flooring materials, such as laminate, wood, and tiles.

Underfloor Heating and Maintenance

Our heating engineers in Kent understand that sometimes the installation process might be intimidating. To make the installation procedure as easygoing and stress-free as possible, we collaborate closely with our customers. To guarantee that the system is suited to your unique requirements, our skilled heating engineers will conduct a complete study of your property. 

After the installation is finished, we offer continuous support and maintenance to make sure your system is operating well. To make sure the system is operating at its best, we advise annual servicing.

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