Smart vs wireless programmable thermostats

Both smart thermostats and wireless programmable room thermostats have been key in improving the efficiency of central heating systems across the UK. They have reduced energy wastage and consequently lowered energy bills by providing room-to-room temperature control. But how do these thermostats work and how do they differ? Just what makes a smart thermostat smart? We've got the answers below...

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Difference between wireless and smart thermostats

Wireless Programmable Room Thermostats 

As one of the first products to innovate away from traditional thermostats, wireless programmable thermostats function by switching on central heating automatically when they detect a drop in air temperature, this means that temperatures can be maintained at the set temperatures in each room. Heating schedules can be set for each room individually according to your lifestyle, wireless programmable thermostats can reduce costs by preventing energy wastage. 

Smart Thermostats 

A huge variety of wireless programmable thermostats are now going smart, like Nest & Honeywell; these not only provide the same energy-saving benefits, they can offer even more control over your heating system via a connected device, which provides additional features such as programming via an app giving you the ability to adjust your central heating system from anywhere in the world, you can access the benefits of smart thermostats at any time, allowing you to maximise energy efficiency whenever plans change. Apps also allow you to gain valuable insights into your home’s heating through a heat report. 

Integration with other smart technologies means that seamless integration with other types of devices.  You can wirelessly connect smart thermostats with other products, such as our smart radiator thermostats and smart plugs. For the ultimate hands-free control of your home heating,  you can integrate smart thermostats with other smart home devices to control your heating using voice activation, via Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. 

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