Things to consider when heating your home

Does your home still feel cold even when you have the heating turned on? There are a few things that you can do to help your home retain as much heat as possible. Castle Heating Kent has listed a few things that you can do! Carry on reading to find out more.

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What do I need to know about heating my home?

It's more important than ever to keep your house warm and cosy as the cool winds begin to blow through your neighbourhood and the leaves begin to change colour to amber and crimson. Understanding the complexities of heating systems is important for both efficiency and safety, which is why finding the ideal heating solution is not only about comfort. We'll go over all the information you require regarding home heating. We've got you covered on everything from selecting the ideal heating system to identifying the warning indications that you might want the services of heating specialists.

Style of Radiator 

The style or type of radiator you choose can have a major impact on how effectively it heats your room. With different types of radiators available, such as wall hanging and traditional radiators, you need to consider the space in which you will place your radiator. Column radiators are great for different-sized rooms and can thoroughly and effectively heat your home.  


Checking areas in your house to make sure there are no draughts is a great way to ensure your home is being warmed up efficiently. Draughts are known to affect the way your home heats up, the reason for this is because draughts send cold air into your house and cause the temperature to decrease. You can prevent the amount of draught that enters your home by adding stoppers and door excluders.


Not having great insulation in your home will cause the heat to escape through the ceiling and floorboards. Make sure to improve the insulation in your home so it can help keep retaining the heat. Also, if you have single-glazed windows, you may want to consider getting double-glazed windows installed.

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Maintaining Your Heating System

To keep your home cosy and effective, maintaining your heating system is like giving it a warm embrace. This crucial procedure entails routine inspections and maintenance that go beyond practical convenience; it's about protecting your pocketbook, the durability of your system, and—most importantly—the safety of your family.

Let's explore why maintenance is more than just an annual duty in the sections that follow. Also let's look at how it can help you save money, increase the longevity of your heating system, and—perhaps most importantly—ensure that your house stays a safe sanctuary of warmth devoid of unnoticed risks.

Save Money

A well-maintained system uses less energy, which lowers your heating costs.

Increase Lifespan

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your heating system and prevent expensive replacements.

Maintain Safety

Through routine maintenance checks, carbon monoxide leaks and other hazards can be found and avoided.

Signs Which Indicate You Need To Call A Heating Engineer

Despite the fact that your heating system may be the silent saviour of your house, quietly keeping you warm, it periodically emits distress signals that should never be disregarded. These warning signs, which frequently take the form of odd noises, inconsistent warmth, greater utility costs, and irritating malfunctions, are unmistakable signals that it's time to enlist the assistance of a heating engineer.

Let's break down these warning indicators and examine why they should be your signal to get help from a specialist. Understanding these signs can help you avoid pain and perhaps expensive repairs, ensuring that even during the worst winters, your house is a safe haven of comfort and dependability.

Unusual Noises

Unusual noises like pounding or hissing may be a sign that something is wrong with your system.

Unreliable Heating

When certain rooms become too warm while others stay chilly, there is an imbalance that needs care.

Higher Bills

Your heating expenditures may have increased unexpectedly, which could be an indication of an efficiency issue.

Frequent Breakdowns

If your heating system keeps failing, it might be time for a replacement or significant repairs.

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