Tips for coping with a broken boiler

If you have encountered the unfortunate situation of your boiler breaking down, or, at the very least, you’re concerned that it might, this blog post will make the situation a little more bearable. The team at Castle Heating Kent are here to explain exactly what to do if your boiler breaks down.

Signs to look out for to know if your boiler is faulty

In addition to realising that there's a lack of heat or hot water in your home, there are several other frequent boiler problems to keep an eye out for, and we have outlined some of them in this blog post.

tips for broken boilers

Strange whistling, banging, or tapping sounds coming from your plumbing

Higher-than-average gas use suggests that the boiler is inefficient and is in need of repair

The pilot light or flames are orange/yellow when they should be blue

Instead of maintaining a constant pressure, your boiler will display a high system water pressure. This might be the case when a leak has formed around the pipes in your system. 

If you have realised that your boiler keeps losing pressure and you aren't sure why this is the case, then check out this blog post we wrote last month to help you with your boiler pressure problem by clicking the button below.

What if my boiler won't switch on?

If your boiler will not turn on altogether, then you need to call an experienced gas engineer to fix the problem. Call the team at Castle Heating Kent on 07763 236640 for an emergency repair.

Has my fuse box tripped?

If your boiler has stopped working altogether, it may be the case that your fusebox has tripped. First, make sure no switches in your fuse box have tripped since this might affect your boiler. If you've recently experienced a power outage, the timer for your boiler may have reset.

My boiler's fan is not working

A fan within the boiler drives hazardous gases out of the boiler and into the flue. If the fan fails, the boiler will lockout and not ignite. You should always hire a Gas Safe Registered engineer to replace the boiler's fan.

Contact us for more central heating tips and advice

If you have noticed any of these signs affecting your heating system at home, then you should be sure to call the experts at Castle Heating Kent on 07763 236640. Our qualified gas safe registered heating engineers are on hand to help you get your heating back up and running again.