Boiler Installation Snodland

Boiler Installations FAQs (2021)

We understand that installing a new boiler is a major undertaking, and it's natural to have concerns. So, to help you feel informed and prepared for your boiler installation, we've answered some frequently asked questions.

Smart thermostat

Smart vs wireless programmable thermostats

Both smart thermostats and wireless programmable room thermostats have been instrumental in improving the efficiency of central heating systems across the UK. How do these thermostats work and how do they differ? Just what makes a smart thermostat smart? We've got the answers in our blog, check it out. 

Eco friendly boiler

How to choose an eco-friendly boiler

Boiler manufacturers have made big strides in recent decades when it comes to designing more environmentally-friendly models. If you’re conscious of reducing your carbon footprint, it’s something you can achieve by thinking about your central heating setup, check out this blog.