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Whether you need a Honeywell or a Nest smart thermostat installed in your home, here at Castle Heating Kent, we are fully trained and qualified to install a range of smart heating controls from various brands. If you are unsure which type of heating control you need to install for your home, get in touch by calling us on 01634 247525 or 07763 236640.

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What are smart thermostats? 

Similar to many smart technologies used to automate a smart home, a smart thermostat works in a similar way. They are connected to your home's Wifi, allowing you to be able to adjust the heating in your home. This provides you with an efficient, accessible and user-friendly approach to control your heating. 

Types of Smart Thermostats

Simple Smart Thermostats

These are fully compatible with any property which has a combi, regular or system boiler.  They work very similar to a traditional thermostat but come along with additional features including geo-location and work alongside smart radiator valves. 

Complex Smart Thermostats

This type of thermostat is great for houses with underfloor heating and a couple of radiators. They allow you to set different temperatures in different parts of your home as well as have full control over the temperature and the timing of your hot water. 

Home Automation Controls 

Good for anyone that wants to combine heating controls with other home automation systems. So if you have a security camera, this type of smart control is great to have so you can have it all under one system. 

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Benefits of Smart Thermostats: 

Not only are smart thermostats are fully compatible with other smart devices, they have plenty of other benefits that come along with it! Here at Castle Heating Kent, we have listed a few of these benefits for you! These include:

- Reduces energy bills

- Helps track your energy usage

- Fully controllable, wherever you are

- Comes along with many features

- Learns your routine 

and more! If you would like to discuss your options with us or would like to know more about the advantages that come along with smart thermostats, get in touch with our heating engineers today by viewing our contact details down below. 

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Where should you place a smart thermostat? 

When looking for the perfect place to place your new smart thermostat, you need to make sure it is away from direct sunlight, an air vent or somewhere there is a lot of draft coming through. Ideally, you need to place your smart thermostat in the same position and the old one. The reason for this is that it has all the necessary wiring in place, making it easy to install. 

Why Choose Us?

Not only will we help you choose the right thermostat for you and your home, but we will also be happy to install it for you. Our smart heating control installation services are available across Rochester and the surrounding areas. 

We are fully confident that we can install a range of branded thermostats, these include Nest thermostats and Honeywell thermostats! If you are not sure which brand to go for, our highly knowledgeable heating engineers are on hand to offer your their expert advice! 

You will also be glad to know that we are Gas Safe registered. After completing all the training needed, we are fully qualified to carry out safe heating services throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas. Smart thermostats are very easy to install, however, you need to make sure that you hire a professional to help install it.

You can browse through our previous projects by heading over to our gallery page or visit our reviews page and read through the reviews left behind by our customers. 

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Smart Heating Control Rochester

For smart heating control installation services across Rochester, call us on 01634 247525 or 07763 236640 and our engineers will be happy to help. You can also email us at and request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

We hope you choose Castle Heating Kent for any smart control installation services that you may require.

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